Price Information*

Occupied Staging - Redesign

When homeowners plan to stay in their home with their furnishings during the sale process, a “Walk and Talk Consultation’ is a cost-effective option. We will walk through the home with the client while giving affordable recommendations and suggestions.  The client will later receive a detailed written report of what needs to be done so there is a plan of attack to prepare the home for a quick sale!

            - Homes under 2500 square feet = $225
            - Homes 2500-4000 square feet = $295
            - Homes 4000 square feet and above = $350

If Hands-on-Staging is needed the following rates apply:

            - Half day…$595
            - Full day…$995

If shopping is needed it will be billed at $75 per hour.  
We will gladly pass our designer discounts along to you if available!

Vacant Staging

The price for staging an unoccupied home varies depending on the size of the home and and the number of rooms.  The general formula used is as follows:

Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Master Bedroom and all Baths…$5,000  for two months (this includes the design service, move-in and move-out for 60 days).  Our homes normally do not last on the market for longer than 60 days, but if they do the rental price per month would be 10% or $500.

Additional rooms average $500 per room, with the exception of a Family Room which would be $1,000. Foyers, breakfast nooks and sitting areas would be considered half a room (or $250). There will be an additional charge for a second floor condo or one in a high-rise building. For example, an average vacant stage including the Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Master Bedroom, Study/Den, Lanai and all Baths would cost $6,500.

Another option would be to pay one fee for however long the home is on the market.  The above rates would apply, plus an additional $2,000.  So…to stage a Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Master Bedroom, Den/Office, Lanai and all Baths would be a total of $8,500 for the length of the listing.

*All prices may be subject to change. Client will be notified prior to initial meeting of any changes.